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The CradleMasterTM is a leading lacrosse training device. It allows the player to safely cradle, and work on stick skills, using a regulation size/weight lacrosse ball without the ball being propelled out of the head. This product allows safe practice without the loss of "feel" that would happen with other, more restrictive devices.

The CradleMaster is perfect for those inclement days where practicing stick skills outside is not possible. The CradleMaster prevents damage in the home as well as the possible injury to others by a loose ball.

The CradleMaster is also great for increasing the effectiveness of practices. It allows players, during warmup/cooldown runs to spend more time running and cradling and less time chasing after the ball.

The CradleMaster is great for practicing face-off techniques by oneself. It allows the player to practice "pinch & pops" alone without having to to go after the ball each time.

The CradleMaster may also help prevent accidents that could happen when players jog on sidewalks or streets to stay in shape while cradling*. Normally the risk is there that the ball will come out of the pocket and enter the street, possibly in traffic. No longer will you have to worry about this.


The CradleMaster is excellent for both boys and girls lacrosse.

The CradleMaster can help keep beginners from being frustrated and giving up. As you know, cradling can be difficult to master. Often, beginners get very frustrated with this and lose interest in the game because they have to keep chasing the ball around. No longer!

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* Product still in development. Final product may differ slightly from product shown in images. Lacrosse stick & head not included. *Safety should always be of primary concern when on public and private roads. Always be alert to traffic.

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